Still Life

Another year has come and gone
Still life youth, like fruit gone rot

Your hands all over me
My heart beating once again
It’s not real, it’s not real
It’s just a holiday

Ripe fruit delight, your hands down my pants
Bodies bursting like fireworks will at midnight
Will you get me fooled before the sun shines?
Baby lie to me, I really wanna take a chance

Nothing really happens wearing a gray cardigan
In the nine to five, six days a week, kind of still life
Letting me go later to routines and safe boredom?
Will all be the same in my lonely room tomorrow?

Take me up the mountains on a biking spree
Take me out my comfort zone, make me live a bit
Give me Sunday mornings waking up with you
Give me a little taste of the good life too

Your touch lingering on me
Youth blooming once again
Feels surreal in my still life
It’s just a holiday